Agent 160 Fun Palace

Fun Palaces

fp_logo_no_dateIn October 2014, Agent 160 made a Fun Palace at Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. Inspired by radical theatremaker Joan Littlewood’s boldness and joie de vivre, we were in ffresh Bar and Restaurant and the box office at the Centre—and inside a tent in Cardiff Bay—performing new short plays in English and Welsh about all the curious and various things women can be.

Pictures from the performances are available to view here

The event was part of Fun Palaces 2014, a free, nationwide celebration of arts, culture and sciences. Marking the 100th birthday of Joan Littlewood, Fun Palaces 2014 brought to life the vision she created with Cedric Price, linking arts and sciences, entertainment and education.

Over the weekend, we presented short plays by Sam Burns, Sandra Bendelow, Victoria Cafolla, Poppy Corbett, Branwen Davies, Abigail Docherty, Clare Duffy, Samantha Ellis, Sarah Grochala, Katie McCullough, Sharon Morgan, Kaite O’Reilly, Lisa Parry, Marged Parry, Lindsay Rodden and Shannon Yee.

Angharad Lee and Julia Thomas directed, and designer Anna Bliss Scully transformed unusual spaces in the Centre into ersatz performance spaces.

We also ran a discussion called Women: Do You Know What You Are Angry About? It was a conversation about anger, feminism and activism, not just in theatre but in our lives.

Agent 160 presents A Fun Palace was supported by Arts Council Wales and would not have been possible without the support of the following people:

Gráinne Close
Christine Morrow
Mike Catris
Dominic Lindesay-Bethune
Godfrey the Cat (and Nicola & Heather)
Jax Lovelock @ ReBloom
Othniel Smith
Sian Owen
Erica Miller
Sara Beer
Miranda Bertram
Laura Drane
Robert Harper
Angharad Thomas
Lucy Christopher
Derek Martin
Morgan Lloyd Malcolm
Megan Price
Orla Nicholls
Claire and Anthony Burns
Mrs J S Parry
Steven Keevil
Alison Smith
Valerie O’Riordan
Beverley McCullough
Matthew Bulgo
Anastasia Catris
Keith Burgess
David Bishop
Stephanie Ressort
Amanda Reed
Jonathan Wakeham
Ginny Osborne
Mr M J H Burns and Mrs S M Burns
Pie Corbett
Linda McLean
Dr Catrin Huws

Thank you to two of our top donors, who helped make our Fun Palace happen!

THANK YOU Linda McLean…It’s so generous of you to support the Agent 160 Fun Palace. We couldn’t have done it without you & it’s especially brilliant that it was you; we all think you’re brilliant, & admire you so much, & we female playwrights have to stick together! We’re all very inspired by you, your work, your feminism, & your kindness, & we hugely appreciate you making our work happen. Thank you!

THANK YOU Pie Corbett…it’s so wonderful that you supported us in making our Agent 160 Fun Palace. We’re huge fans of you & your work & we really wanted our Fun Palace to be about lots of things we know you value, like inclusivity & playfulness & mischief & storymaking, so it meant a lot to have you in our corner. Thank you!